Travelling with a carer

​Queensland Rail Travel's policy allows a carer to travel for free on our services when accompanying a customer with a disability who requires their assistance. 

The free carers seat is near the customer being cared for.

Definition of a carer

A carer provides personal care, support, and assistance to a customer because of disability, frailty, chronic illness or pain. A customer that requires assistance with everyday tasks travels with a carer.

Responsibilities of a carer

A carer travelling with a customer on our services must provide the following assistance to the person they are caring for where required:

  • The operation of their mobility device (wheelchairs and mobility scooters)
  • The moving of their mobility device, including lifting, carrying it or pushing* it up and down boarding ramps
  • Assistance with carry-on luggage or mobility aids (over 7kg)
  • Assistance with food and beverage consumption
  • Giving injections or administering medication
  • Personal care such as emptying colostomy bags, urine bottles or similar equipment. If assistance of this nature is required, please arrange for a carer or companion to travel also.
If assistance of this nature is required, please arrange for a carer or companion to travel also.​

*Important note: Should you require assistance with pushing a mobility device up and down boarding ramps, we are unable to guarantee that our team members available on the day can safely provide this assistance. It is recommended that you arrange for someone to provide this assistance.

If you are unable to arrange for someone to provide this assistance, please let us know in advance so that we can review your request and advise if it is possible to arrange this assistance.

For more information on the type of assistance our team can provide, please visit Assistance available.

Carer eligibility for free travel

If the customer requiring a carer holds a Companion Card (Australian residents), the card can be used to access carer's fares.

International visitors requiring a carer and in possession of a companion/carers card equivalent to the Companion Card issued to Australian residents can also access carer’s fares.​

The following conditions apply to the above:

  • Travel for carers must be in the same carriage and journey as the accompanying customer they are providing care for.
  • If there is a requirement for more than one carer to accompany the customer, this must be supported by a recommendation from a doctor. The recommendation should state there is a requirement for an additional carer due to the level of personal care, support and assistance required for a customer with a disability.