Luggage storage space is very limited on Kuranda Scenic Railway services, so customers should only carry day pack items onboard that can be transported with them and must be able to fit under the seat (maximum 25cm in height).

All luggage items accepted onboard Kuranda Scenic Railway services are unchecked (carry on).

Customers are required to stow loose items under their seat (maximum height 25cm).

The secure storage of luggage items is an essential safety requirement as in the event of an abrupt stop, loose items can become airborne and have the potential to be dangerous to customers and staff.

Size and weight limits

We may refuse the transport of any luggage we deem not acceptable, due to the nature, weight or size of the luggage. Daypacks should be limited to a maximum size 23cm x 34cm x 48cm to enable it to fit under the seat.

Kuranda Scenic Railway staff cannot assist with handling luggage items that exceed 20kg in weight due to Workplace Health & Safety regulations.

Items up to 25cm in height can be stowed under the Heritage Class seats including collapsible strollers or prams.

Prams and strollers

Collapsible prams and strollers can be stored under the Heritage Class seats provided they are no more than 25cm in height once collapsed.

A limited number of non-collapsible or large collapsible prams and strollers may be accepted on a Kuranda Scenic Railway service. They can be stored in the accessible carriage wheelchair spaces if they aren’t being used for wheelchairs. 

The acceptance of larger prams and strollers on each Kuranda Scenic Railway service is at the discretion of the onboard staff and subject to available space on the day. For safety reasons, children are not allowed to travel on the train in a stroller, pram or baby capsule.

Wheelchairs and mobility scooters

A limited number of wheelchairs/mobility scooters can be transported on each Kuranda Scenic Railway service in the accessible carriage, speak with your booking consultant for more information.

More information on accessibility can be found on the Accessibility page.


Bicycles are not accepted on any Kuranda Scenic Railway services.

Additional information relating to luggage can be found in the Kuranda Scenic Railway conditions of carriage.

Luggage lockers

Lockers are not available at Cairns, Freshwater or Kuranda stations for storage of luggage.

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